Indepedent publication

Self-publication can be seen as producing mediocre work and a general notion that most things self-published are unworthy of your time.

At that, there is still no real guarantee that the work published by a traditional publisher is also good, but they do offer readers the seal of “this is (probably) worth your time”, which is hugely important in the literary world. Unlike traditional art such as painting, reading requires not only work to enjoy but usually large amounts of time. Publishing houses reduce the chances that the reader has wasted his or her time and money. Even so, I decided to be an indepedent author because I love the idea of having complete control over my work, in the sense that I can spend more time working on stories and less time trying to convince a large publishing house that I’m going to sell a million copies.

I largely write for myself, in that the worlds and the characters and the craft is important to me to get right, but there’s a profound sense of sadness to think that stories and art are never shared with the world. Therefore, the price tags on my works are simply because, well, don’t we all want to be paid for our time? Each novel I’ve written has taken more than eight months to write, not including editing and research. They are not simply pieces of work I’ve put little thought into.

There is also the grand struggle of standing out amongst many other authors, but that’s true of anything, isn’t it? In any case, for what it’s worth I hope that you enjoy the stories on this site.

R. Weaver.

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