HARVEST (Occult Britain: Earth)

The second entry of the anthology series Occult Britain: an alchemical concoction that brings occult themes to varied genres.

Welcome to BARROW FELLS, a town on the edge of forest and moor, beauty and pain, virtue and vice, marriage and … death?

It all starts with a human skull in the woods – but the skull is not as old as originally believed. This case is anything but cold

When a human skull is found in the woods in a small town in northern England, police sergeant John Haugh unwittingly gets appointed liaison between a city detective and the peculiar residents of Barrow Fells.

But when John realises that this case is anything but cold and that it contains roots that crawl back to his own past crimes, he will have to toe the line between his career, his morality, and the ones he loves.

Some cases aren’t meant to be solved.
Some secrets aren’t meant to be revealed.
Some lives aren’t meant to be.

By the end of this harvest season, nothing will be the same again.

John Haugh, Barrow Fells police sergeant. Laura Haugh, esteemed garden writer.
Celia Wilber, the sixteen year-old daughter of a local psychic. Rory Wake, a singer-songwriter haunted by her wyrd.

Someone once told Laura that you can’t have love without hate, and she knew deep inside she could never hate John, not completely.

I love you, Laura.

And that was the problem.