New covers, Harvest physical release, new book, and more.

After more than a year, Harvest finally has a physical release (and a new cover for the digital version). I think it looks particularly striking in physical form and I’m very happy with it. The physical release also coincides with some new character artwork by Michał Teliga (check out the Harvest page for more) and this artwork can be found in the digital and physical copies of Harvest.

A banner featuring Celia Wilber and Rory Wake from Harvest.

Additionally, Michał Teliga has done the cover for Five Suns Over Somerset, my next release and the ‘air’ element of Occult Britain. Set in 1975, Five Suns Over Somerset is about a father taking the search for his kidnapped daughter into his own hands, but finding out along the way that not is all it seems. Check out the page for more information. Pre-orders likely to go up by January with a release date announcement. Font is subject to change.

The cover for Five Suns Over Somerset painted by Michał Teliga.

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