It wasn’t just the horrific visions that come forth from Nils Andersen’s guitar. It wasn’t just his father’s rock legacy shadowing him. It was also the murder sentence for a crime he did not commit.

If Nils has any hope in clearing his tarnished name and paving his own road as a musician, he will have to learn to control his paranormal power. And to do so, he will need the help of a young woman who once called him father, a woman keenly connected to the Wandering World, a place from which his visions come.

A billionaire oil-tycoon is acquitted of his wife’s murder. Now the only witness to one of the hottest cases in American history pulls former journalist turned con-man Lewis Maynard into a web of violence and conspiracy. Led to the streets of São Paulo, pursuing something called the Black Vulture–whose worth far exceeds monetary value–, Maynard will learn that certain people and certain cases and certain money obey a different set of laws.

A short, face-paced corporate thriller spanning the United States and Brazil.