RIDE UPON MIDNIGHT (Occult Britain: Water)

The first entry of the anthology series Occult Britain: an alchemical concoction that brings occult themes to varied genres.

Framed for murder! Gifted (or cursed?) with the power to summon spirits with the aid of his guitar! Nils Andersen, son of Norwegian rock legend Aksel, must master his control of the WANDERING WORLD—the dimension from which his spirit visions come—if he wishes to take back the life that was stolen from him. Enter a world of QUANTUM MYSTICISM. A world of generational love. A world facing the battle between freedom and fate.


The sprawling paranormal mystery of murder, music, and ghosts by ROBERT WEAVER.

But by virtue of the cosmos, Nils won’t be alone in his struggle against evil. INGRID, the girl with the strange and mystical connection to the Wandering World, stands before him, her guiding hand calloused and hardened by the ghostly worlds she wanders in her sleep. But can Nils be guided by exterior forces? Will he surrender his ego for fate? Will he become the rock legend his father wants him to be? And will he discover the murderer before it’s too late?


I assumed there was a place for people like me that usually involves heavy iron doors and straight-jackets. A year or two later they were no longer just personal visions confined to my mind. Because it turns out they were real then, and they’re still real now.

-Ride Upon Midnight

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