Occult Britain Series

Another day, another year.

This year I will be focused on writing the next two entries in the Occult Britain series (which Ride Upon Midnight and Harvest are a part of). A little explanation of the series. Each entry is a stand-alone novel set somewhere in Britain (Gloucestershire in Ride Upon Midnight, and Lancashire in Harvest), and is inspired by crime, mystery, the occult and often the paranormal / supernatural. Apart from this, each book uses one of the classical elements as its main theme. So far we have Water (Ride Upon Midnight) and Earth (Harvest), and the next two in the series are of course Air and Fire.

Harvest, a crime mystery that invokes the element ‘Earth’.

The Air novel is called Five Suns Over Somerset and is set in 1975. The story kicks into gear when Tom Chamberlain’s father, Chris Chamberlain – a WWII veteran and ex-fighter pilot – goes missing, vanishes into thin air. It is a science-fantasy story revolving around themes of trust, duality / polarity, love, and spirit phenomena.

The Fire novel is Dreams of Ember Fields and takes place mostly in a fictional town in Suffolk over a 50 year period. It is a mystery novel about a lawyer-turned-inspector who is investigating the murder of his long lost lover who ran away with another man – an Irish dancer who, every time he dances, dies and is transposed to the Gates of Hades and must travel back to the mortal realm – often with knowledge of the dead.

Ride Upon Midnight is a paranormal mystery invoking the element ‘Water’, due to the serial killer’s modus operandi – drowning their victims.

For the first time I’m working on both books concurrently, though I expect Five Suns Over Somerset to release before Ember Fields, which will most likely be early or mid 2023. Eventually there will probably be a final entry to the series based around the fifth element, ‘aether’ or ‘void’. I can’t say too much about it now, only that it’ll probably be an ensemble book, bringing in characters from the previous four entries.

I’ll talk more about Five Suns Over Somerset in the next post.

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